How to attract a movie producer

for your Testimony

or God-inspired Story...

How to attract a movie producer

for your Testimony or God-inspired Story...

Give Us Just 3 Hours and

We’ll Show You How To

Become a Kingdom Storyteller

And Turn Your Story into a Movie!

This can work even if you DON'T have a solid story yet, have any previous screenwriting experience, or have any idea on storytelling principles.

Will you be part of A MOVEMENT of Kingdom Storytellers FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS?

Now is the Time to Turn Heaven-Inspired Stories

Into Movies and Share to The World!

You CAN Accomplish the Dream God Gave You!

NOW is the Time To Turn Heaven-Inspired Stories Into Movies and Share To The World!
You CAN Accomplish the Dream God Gave You!

Watch The Video Below And Join The Challenge Today!


  • You have a story idea you feel God inspired you to write
  • You believe your story could be made into a movie
  • You want to know how to craft it into a winning movie structure
  • You desire to write quicker with effective and gripping drama throughout
  • You feel there's a better, faster and cheaper way to learn than going to film school
  • You need to be in proximity to real movie producers who've done it already



What You Can Expect

From Our FilmBusters Kingdom Storyteller Challenge!

BEFORE The Challenge
  • You know a good movie when you see one, but don't know how it was engineered to make it great
  • You think you have the beginnings of a great story, but you've either tried for a long time to write with little success, or you've felt so overwhelmed at the mystery of the process that you haven't even begun
  • You lack the know-how to write with confidence and speed, and aren't sure if you'll wrap with a climax and resolution that'll inspire and satisfy your audience
  • ​You've been praying for ​open doors to be in proximity with Hollywood people who know how the movie biz works and can help you achieve your dream​s
AFTER The Challenge
  • Possess crystal clear knowledge of what makes stories hook an audience and grip them to the end
  • Know if you have the beginnings of a great story or not - and if you do, to finish it well - and if not, to start over with the confidence of knowing the principles needed to make your story an excellent one
  • Take the heart of your theme and build it within a winning 3-Act story structure using our proven FilmBusters Story Treatment Blueprint
  • ​Immediately get into proximity with movie producers who are creating a "Holywood" ecosystem of redemptive, inspirational, family and faith-based films

Meet Your Filmmaker Mentors!

DIRECTOR Eric Bugbee of Blue Trail Entertainment has 25+ years experience in Film / Video / Broadcast TV industry as director, cinematographer, director of photography (DP), screenwriter, story development executive and editor.

" I got into filmmaking because I had a fascination with life and exploration. In my teenage years I realized that I wanted to explore many facets of life and cultures — what makes people do what they do, why are they driven to do what they do, and what is the ultimate goal of it all? I found my overarching answer in God, and while in film school at Penn State University, I received the calling to advance His kingdom through film.

I found that the key ingredient to filmmaking is mastering story, in particular, classic three-act story structure. For years, I thought it was all about directing, cinematography and editing, but the true power comes in understanding story craft. Everybody else can be hired, but the storyteller is the most powerful person on set.

God has so many stories He wants to unleash through His people in this era. As a person who loves to encourage others, I’m stoked to help people get them written and made into movies!"

"I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."

— Philippians 4:13

We’re a husband-and-wife team, based in Atlanta GA, married over 20 years and working together for 20 years as filmmakers and storytellers in the arts and entertainment industry with our production company. Since 2004, we have helmed over 750 corporate and marketing productions for companies and nonprofits. On the film and TV side, our focus is developing and producing RIFF (Redemptive, Inspirational, Family or Faith) content, which takes our audience on gripping and impactful journeys.

Our first film HEROES OF DIRT (PG-13, 2015) is about a young man’s passion to achieve greatness as a BMX stunt champion but realizes true significance by mentoring a troubled teen. We explored the message of John 15:13 in our movie's theme, in which Jesus says "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends."

Our redemptive and inspirational movie went out on limited theatrical release to 60 US markets with Cinemark, Carmike and indie theater chains, and was listed in the 75 Movies To Watch Fall 2015 by Vulture / New York Magazine, listed with big titles like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Spectre, The Martian and more. Our biggest promoters were ESPN, USA BMX and Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. One New York critic from Rotten Tomatoes wrote about our film as "exhilarating, captivating, inspiring, heartwarming..."

Since then, we've continued developing feature films and TV shows, which we plan to produce, and are continuously fostering relationships in the film industry for strategic partnerships. But more than our credentials and experience, we will give real talk and show you our misses and mistakes along the way, so you can avoid them. We believe you'll gain more value from our authenticity and lessons learned than from any formal education or pre-recorded coursework currently available.

In 2016 we founded a nonprofit organization, Arise & Shine Ministries, aimed at inspiring and helping Christian artists from all creative disciplines to thrive in their calling. It is our goal and passion to launch a movement of Kingdom storytellers, who receive inspirational stories from the Holy Spirit (even with real-life testimonies), which could be turned into movies for the world to see, and lead to amazing real-life transformations, as we expand God’s Kingdom together.

Teachers tell you the steps, but mentors show you the scars!

PRODUCER Jill Bugbee of Blue Trail Entertainment has 20 years experience in Film / Video industry as producer, production / project manager, sales and marketing director, film packaging, film distribution, story development executive and writer.

"I was actually in a completely different field, graduating with a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Southern California (USC). Over the years, as I learned the roadmaps of the movie business, I discovered my passion for producing, and now I engineer films instead!

I love the process of story development and project management. God has blessed me not only with creativity and emotional depth in my soul, but with an organizational mind to successfully “connect the dots” like a puzzle along the critical path of any story or project, from conception to completion.

Equally important is my desire to help people whenever I can, and to see the true potential in each person - no matter their background. I'm a true advocate for someone I believe in!"

"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you."

— Isaiah‬ ‭60‬:‭1


Our FilmBusters Academy student, Jaclyn Whitt, was mentored by us and developed her faith-based story "Solitary Refinement" utilizing our FilmBusters Story Treatment Blueprint. Since then, she's won many awards in American and International film and screenplay festivals, and optioned her script to our production company.

Your story may also be worthy of a multi-million dollar budget, but you'll never know for sure, unless you learn what seasoned producers and screenwriters know well...Whether you have creative writing experience or none at all, you CAN write a great movie that producers want to buy and turn into a real feature film!


(from our past challenges)

Together, let's develop your Kingdom Story into a movie!